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Women’s Mountain Retreat!

August 25, 26 & 27th


Pigeon Forge, TN 


Personally, I knew my work with Pigeon River Revival was over and, for nine years, God had blessed: Sent the Holy Spirit during times it seemed He would not come; sent money when there wasn’t nearly enough to pay the bills for the meeting.  He ordained the meetings, how could I think God would not fund it and bless with His presence.   

But, for me, God had something else in mind.  The day He released me from Pigeon River Revival I have to admit, I took a deep breath and relaxed; the pressure in producing a meeting of this size was almost more than my heart could take at times. 

Now, I would rest, take it easy, re-group…it felt good, even though I would miss all those wonderful times we had—worshipping with sisters and brothers of like mind, seeing the hand of God move time and time again.  Oh, what a glorious time of sitting in Heavenly places with my friends, listening to God’s men preach the Word; it would leave an empty place in my heart.   

That wouldn’t last long, for that very next week I heard Someone speaking, “You must revive the ministry to women.”  Surely, that voice wasn’t speaking to me!  I had sponsored ladies’ conferences earlier, and that ministry was over… “well, wasn’t it?” 

Oh, no, that ministry hadn’t even cranked up, and now, as long as I had strength, I would be deeply committed to a ministry for women.  It was God’s voice alright.   

Well, roll up your sleeves, get on your knees and get to work; I had zero choice in this matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t yield that instant; the first words from my mouth were not, “Here I am, send me!”  No, I whined a little while and, of course, I had to remind God that arthritis was ravaging my joints, also, that I was no longer young, not to mention that I had been on the road singing since I was eighteen years old… 

I doubt He was listening, for there was something and Someone much greater than I who was orchestrating my future.   



Six years later, here we are, getting ready to have our sixth WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN RETREAT.  Oh, how glad, how thankful I am that God doesn’t pay a lot of attention to our protests—protests born out of self-will and self-pity.   

When I review the last five years, I remember the lives that have been changed, the soul that have been saved, and how many times the Holy Ghost had come into our presence like “a sound from heaven as of a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the house!”   

How many times has appeared to us “cloven tongues like as of fire,” and sat on each one of us? 

We have a heart, a burden, for the men of God who give their lives to preaching Truth and shepherding sheep; even when we get stubborn, God’s man just keeps on preaching the Word, and their little wives continue to stand by his side and love the sheep; bearing our burdens, encouraging us and comforting us through all of life’s trials. No wonder we pray so hard and so often for the messenger of the Gospel, and for his helpmate. 

Bob and I came from pastor’s homes; we know it is an ominous calling, and we understand how the Enemy enjoys attacking them.  We must keep a Wall of Prayer built around our preachers and their families, a wall Satan cannot penetrate! 



August 25, 26, and 27, the work continues… 

The singing, speaking, praying, and yes, rejoicing! 

Aren’t you glad there’s a place where the women 

of God can come together as exactly who and 

what we are? 

We are women; tender, compassionate, loving,  

with a fierce tenacity; women don’t give up 

easily!  We love God, we love God’s man, 

we love our families and we love sinners! 


And, how we do enjoy being free in the Spirit to shout, rejoice and make a joyful noise unto the Lord! 

WOMEN’S MOUNTAIN RETREAT is a place where women can retreat from everyday life for a little while; retreat and rejoice to our heart’s content, letting God and His Son know how we love them, and how grateful we are when the Holy Ghost takes control and allows us to worship our “FRIEND” in the fullness of His Glory!!!  


Don’t Miss A Moment! 


Women’s Mountain Retreat 

August 25th, 26th, & 27th  

Music Road Hotel 

Pigeon Forge, TN 


3 easy ways to register: 


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Morristown, TN 37815 



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